Worth Coming Out of Hiding For

It's tragic that I haven't had time to update this blog. I had such high hopes for it... and still do. But this was worth making time for.

Longtime New York magazine restaurant critic Gael Greene has a book coming out, and she dishes on the hot dishes she ate and SLEPT WITH through the years. Page Six offers some excerpts. My favorite:

Elvis Presley: "I think it was good. I don't remember the essential details. It was certainly good enough. I know the reality of it was thrilling beyond anything I might have imagined." After they finished, "He twitched a shoulder toward the phone. 'Would you mind calling and ordering me a fried egg sandwich?' The fried egg sandwich - that part I remember. I can't remember . . . how long the sex lasted, or even who was on top (probably me). But I have never forgotten the fried egg sandwich."

Only a food critic would remember the fried egg sandwich Elvis ordered vs. the sex she had with him. LOVES IT!!