The Dining Diva Eats

I've been writing about food, wine and travel for several years--yes, someone actually paid me to eat, check out hotels, explore new places--but I took a new job in entertainment news because, well, it pays more. (Perks are great, but they won't buy me a house.) What I missed immediately was writing about what I love: Restaurants around town. I decided to create this blog because I know the restaurant scene in LA, the scene knows me. I know food, love to cook, and plan on learning an experiencing something new every day. What's more, I love to tell people about it! Friends, friends of friends, fans, readers and family always look to me like I'm a walking guidebook to the dining scene in town. So this is my blog. If anyone actually reads it, great. If not, it'll be a fab reference for forgetful me of cool products I find, people I meet, things I've tasted and other random acts of fooditude. Time to dig in!